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Cardiff Amateur Athletics Club, Cardiff Cardiff Athletics is the only sports club in Cardiff that caters for the full range of athletics and is one of the leading athletic clubs in Britain. The club's activities cover track & field, road and cross country and it has members that participate in fell running, disabled athletics and social running.

The club is an incorporated organisation with charity status, which has a core administration team and is a supported by a large number of volunteers with officials, coaches, team managers and others providing countless numbers of hours without payment of any kind.

If you would be interested to join or help in any way, please contact any of the club's office and you will be assured of a warm welcome.

Membership is open to all over the age of 7 and there is no upper age limit. The procedure for joining is very simple and full details, including subscription rates can be found on our how to join link.

The club provides coaching and opportunities to compete in club teams taking part in the British Athletic League (men), UK Women's League (women), UK Youth Development League, Welsh Junior Leagues, Welsh Athletics League, as well National Championships at various levels and age groups. Competition is available throughout the year.

The official club colours are blue vests (with red and white side stripes) and red shorts and these can be purchased in the club room. These colours should be worn when competing in the name of the club.

The club is oldest in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI having been founded in 1882 and has an interesting and distinguished history. Club members have enjoyed great success, amassing no less than 144 medals (62 gold) from major championships such as the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

The club is proud to count amongst is current and former members such famous names as Lynn Davies, Colin Jackson, Christian Malcolm, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Jamie Baulch, James Thie and young athletes such as Jeremiah Azu, Jake Hayward, many others.

The club is based at Cardiff's International Sports Campus at Leckwith, Cardiff where it has its own clubhouse and office.

The club meets together officially throughout the year on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the Academy starting at 6pm to 7pm and the Club training starting at 7pm to 8:30pm.

Cardiff Athletics is one of Sport Cardiff's Super Clubs and works closely with the local community and schools to ensure everyone has access to athletics.

The club is affiliated to the governing bodies of athletics in Britain and in Wales which are UK Athletics and Welsh Athletics respectively.

The club's history

Cardiff AAC traces its origin back to 1882 and to the Royal Oak public house (still existing) on Newport Road, Cardiff near its junction with Broadway. Gladstone was Queen Victoria's Prime Minister and the first Olympic Games of the modern era (1896) were still fourteen years away.

In those days, groups of young men would challenge each other to races. From such a group, Roath (Cardiff) Harriers was formed and adopted the Royal Oak pub as its headquarters. Roath Harriers was the first athletic club in Wales catering solely for Athletics and quickly became successful in competition and active in other areas. Roath Harriers officials organised the first ever Welsh Cross Country Championships on 7th March 1894 with club runners winning both the individual (Hugh Fairlamb) and team championships. The Fairlamb family seems to have been quite a force as, in l896, Hugh's father was the driving force behind the creation of the Welsh Cross Country Association and its first President, a position he held for the next 16 years.

For the first forty or so years, Roath Harriers was a cross country club. This was understandable as there were virtually no facilities for track and field competition in Cardiff. Maindy Stadium was opened in 1951 and this coincided with the formation of Birchgrove Harriers, a club that quickly attracted good athletes and achieved sufficient success to rival Roath Harriers. Both clubs adopted Maindy Stadium (at that time the mecca of Welsh athletics) as their headquarters and co-existed in friendly rivalry. In 1968 the two clubs amalgamated to form Cardiff Amateur Athletic Club.

Roath Harriers and, since 1968, Cardiff AAC have continued to make major contributions to Welsh and, indeed international, athletics ever since. Succeeding generations of officials have played leading roles in the administration and development of Welsh and British Athletics. Ted Hopkins was a Great Britain team manager during the fifties and sixties (including being team manager at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome) and Bill Evans was Chairman of both the British Amateur Athletic Board and the Amateur Athletic Association in the ninteen eighties and nineties. Bill Evans played a leading role in the reform of the governing bodies of British athletics and was the first Chairman of the British Athletic Federation. John Lister was a member of the Council of the European Athletic Association for 12 years from 1995 to 2007 and Lynn Davies was President of U K Athletics for eight years up to 2016.

Colin Jackson The creation of Cardiff AAC in 1968 led to a period of huge success with Cardiff dominating not just Welsh but British club athletics. The British Athletic League was formed in 1969 and Cardiff was a close runner up to champions Birchfield Harriers in its first year. In the three consecutive years 1973, 1974 and 1975 Cardiff were outright British League Champions. Although it has not won the title again, Cardiff remains one of the very few British League clubs to have retained its place in the league structure without a break, has never been lower than the third division (and then only briefly) and remains to this day one of the top dozen or so British clubs and one that all other clubs respect.

On the individual front, the Roll of Honour speaks for itself. The first club athlete to gain major international honour was Jim Alford who won the gold medal for the one mile in the Empire Games of 1938. The club had to wait a further 26 years for a comparable success but then came Lynn Davies' magnificent gold medal in the long jump at the Olympic Games of 1964. Lynn's inspiration led to a subsequent medal haul that is impressive by any yardstick. From 1938 to 2015 club members have won no less than 141 (including 61 gold) medals at major international athletic championships and the Olympic Games. Of these, more than half have been won in the last 15 years.

Tanni Grey Thompson It is invidious to pick out individuals from such an array but special mention must also be made of Colin Jackson's achievements; those of Tanni Grey-Thompson who won five medals (including four gold) at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona, four more gold medals at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney and two more gold in 2004 in Athens; of Nigel Walker who, after a very successful athletic career, took up rugby as a "retirement pastime" and promptly won a place in the Welsh rugby team and became a Welsh rugby hero; of Jamie Baulch, silver medallist at the 1996 Olympic Games in the 4 x 400m relay and 1999 World Indoor Champion at 400m; Christian Malcolm who followed two gold medals at the 1998 World Junior Championships with a gold medal at the 2000 European Indoor Championships, silver medals at the 2001 and 2002 World and European Indoor Championships respectively and a silver medal in the 2010 European championships; and Matthew Elias who won two gold medals (including the individual 400m Hurdles title) at the 2001 European Under 23 Championships and silver and gold at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and European Championships respectively; Simon Lawson, Silver Medallist in the 2009 European Junior Championships; Rhys Williams, with the rare distinction of a full set of European Championship 400m hurdles medals - Junior gold medallist in 2003, Under 23 Gold Medallist in 2005, Senior European Championships Bronze Medallist in 2006, silver medallist four years later and gold medallist in 2012. In 2013 a potential new star arrived in the shape of David Omoregie who won a bronze medal at the 2014 World Junior Championships and gold at the 2015 European Under 23 Championships. And, in 2016, Jake Heyward became the European Under 18 champion at 1500m; following this in 2017 to take the European under 20 title in the same event. This is but a brief history of a club formed in the nineteenth century that continued throughout the twentieth and is still achieving success at the highest level in the twenty first.

Our club's structure and organisation

Cardiff Athletics is a members' club which means that all constitutional decisions are made by the members; voting, normally once a year, at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in November.

The club has a written constitution and articles of association.

The club lead by the Management Committee which meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the clubhouse.

The Management Committee is responsible for the overall management of the club and is made up of the Directors that include the President, Chairman, Treasurer and other officers appointed to the Management Committee at the AGM.

The Club also has two Sub committees, the track and field committee and the road running and cross-country committee which are responsible for arranging competitions, appointing team managers and generally taking care of all matters relating to fixtures and competitions.

A full list of the Directors and officers of the Management Committee and committees can be found in the who's who's.

In addition to the committees, the club provides an Academy and coaching for all levels and standards.

All members are entitled to use of the well-equipped and modern club room and are encouraged to do so as this is where information of all kinds can be found about the activities of the club.

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Our club's constitution

The constitution is the formal document that states that the club exists, gives it a name and describes the way in which it is organised and managed. It gives the club its legal framework and can only be altered by the voting members. The club was established in 1968 by the amalgamation of two clubs and a new constitution was adopted at the first general meeting of the members, held at Maindy Stadium, Cardiff on 1 November 1968. Since that date a number of amendments has been made in order to adapt the constitution to changing times, most recently at the AGM held on 2 December 2010.

Download constitution
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Past office holders

Since 1968 (merger of Roath and Birchgrove Harriers)

Year President Chairman Secretary Treasurer
1968-69 J D B Williams E Hopkins N P John J T Lister
1969-70 J D B Williams E Hopkins N P John J T Lister
1970-71 J D B Williams E Hopkins W A L Evans J T Lister
1971-72 J D B Williams E Hopkins W A L Evans J T Lister
1972-73 J D B Williams E Hopkins W A L Evans J T Lister
1973-74 E Hopkins J T Lister W A L Evans J T Lister
1974-75 E Hopkins J T Lister W A L Evans J T Lister
1974-75 E Hopkins J T Lister W A L Evans J T Lister
1975-76 Vacant W A L Evan K H Bennett J T Lister
1976-77 V O Kelland J C Williams T C Burge L E Jones
1977-78 V O Kelland Mrs K Evans T C Burge L E Jones
1978-79 D H Robinson Mrs K Evans N C Wilson J T Lister
1979-80 D H Robinson Mrs K Evans D Barlow J T Lister
1980-81 K W B Harris N C Wilson D Barlow J T Lister
1981-82 K W B Harris J T Lister G J Webb J T Lister
1982-83 K W B Harris J T Lister G J Webb J T Lister
1983-84 W A L Evans J T Lister D J O Edwards J T Lister
1984-85 W A L Evans J T Lister Mrs P Mc Donald J T Lister
1985-86 W A L Evans J T Lister Mrs P Mc Donald J T Lister
1986-87 J T Lister J James Mrs P Mc Donald J T Lister
1987-88 J T Lister J James Mrs P Mc Donald(r)
M Jones-Pritchard
J T Lister
1988-89 B J Plain J James M Jones-Pritchard J T Lister
1989-90 B J Plain J James M Jones-Pritchard J T Lister
1990-91 P E Darney B J Plain M Jones-Pritchard J T Lister
1991-92 P E Darney B J Plain M Jones-Pritchard J T Lister
1992-93 D J Williams B J Plain M Jones-Pritchard J T Lister
1993-94 D J Williams D J Williams Mrs K James J T Lister
1994-95 J R Penny D J Williams Mrs K James J T Lister
1995-96 J R Penny D J Williams Mrs K James J T Lister
1996-97 D J Williams J R Penny Mrs K James J T Lister
1997-98 G Finlayson P Lane Mrs K James J T Lister
1998-99 G Finlayson P Lane Mrs K James J T Lister
1999-00 G Finlayson Mrs K Elias Mrs K James J T Lister
2000-01 M Thomas Mrs K Elias Mrs K James J T Lister
2001-02 M Thomas Mrs K Elias Mrs K James M Thomas
2002-03 G J Webb Mrs K Elias Mrs K James J T Lister
2003-04 G J Webb J O Kirby Mrs K Elias J T Lister
2004-05 J C Williams J O Kirby Mrs K Elias J T Lister
2005-06 J C Williams J O Kirby Mrs K Elias G J Webb
2006-07 J C Williams J O Kirby Mrs K Elias G J Webb
2007-08 P E Darney J O Kirby Mrs D Bull G J Webb
2008-09 P E Darney J Penny Mrs D Bull G J Webb
2009-10 J O Kirby P Lane Mrs D Bull G J Webb
2010-11 J O Kirby P Lane Mrs T Allen G J Webb
2011-12 Mrs K James P Darney Mrs T Allen G J Webb
2012-13 Mrs K James P Darney Mrs A Cooper G J Webb
2013-14 B J Plain G J Webb Mrs A Cooper S G Davies
2014-15 B J Plain G J Webb Mrs A Cooper S G Davies
2015-16 Mrs H James B J Plain Mrs A Cooper S G Davies
2016-17 Mrs H James B J Plain Vacant Ms D Mill
2017-18 Mrs H James B J Plain Vacant Ms D Mill (Until Feb.)
J T Lister (From March)
M Farrell (From June)
2018-19 A Seary H James Vacant M Farrell
2019-20 A Seary H James Vacant M Farrell
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Past club captains

Since 1968 (merger of Roath and Birchgrove Harriers)

Year Captain (men) Captain (ladies)
1968-69 J Clive Williams Elizabeth Johns
1969-70 John T Lister Pamela John
1970-71 E John Walters Delyth Davies
1971-72 Hywel L Williams Sue Davies
1972-73 A (Tony) G Elgie Sue Davies
1973-74 A (Tony) G Elgie Sandra Pengilley
1974-75 A (Tony) G Elgie Delyth Prothero
1975-76 Andy Williams Anne Morris
1976-77 Andy Williams Anne Notman
1977-78 Bernard L Hayward Lianne Dando
1978-79 Sean L D Power Gillian Regan
1979-80 Keith D Jones Gillian Regan
1980-81 Keith D Jones Vacant
1981-82 KDerek Fishwick Jacqueline Flanagan
1982-83 Derek Fishwick Jacqueline Flanagan
1983-84 Keith D Jones Janine Coleman
1984-85 Mark Thomas Janine Coleman
1985-86 Mark Thomas Janine Jones-Pritchard
1986-87 Robert James Gillian Regan
1987-88 Robert James Helen Miles
1988-89 Robert James Helen Miles
1989-90 Nigel Walker Helen Miles
1990-91 Nigel Walker Helen Miles
1992-93 Steve Knight Helen Miles
1993-94 Steve Knight Helen Miles
1994-95 Gareth Jones Elizabeth Frances-Thomas
1995-96 John Bowen Sue Hooper
1996-97 Vacant Sue Hooper
1997-98 Vacant Sue Hooper
1998-99 Vacant Sue Hooper
1999-00 Vacant Debbie Jones
2000-01 Paul Gray Debbie Jones
2001-02 Paul Gray Debbie Jones
2002-03 Paul Gray Debbie Jones
2003-04 James Thie Debbie Jones
2004-05 James Williams Debbie Jones
2005-06 James Williams Debbie Jones
2006-07 James Williams Debbie Jones
2007-08 James Williams Debbie Jones
2008-09 James Thie Anoma Sooriyaarachichi
2009-10 James Thie Emma Peters
2010-11 James Thie Emma Peters
2011-12 Rhys Knapman Emma Peters
2012-13 Rhys Knapman Imogen Williams
2013-14 Rhys Knapman Emma Peters
2014-15 Rhys Knapman Emma Peters
2015-16 Brett Morse Rhi Linnington Payne
2016-17 Brett Morse Rhi Linnington Payne
2017-18 Brett Morse Rebecca Chapman, Lucy Griffths, Kate Seary, Charlotte Wingfield
2018-19 Brett Morse Rebecca Chapman, Lucy Griffths, Kate Seary, Charlotte Wingfield
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Life members

A list of those who have been accorded the honour of life membership of the club can be found here.

Members of the Club who have contributed outstanding service to the Club may be elected Honorary Life Members. Such persons shall be nominated by the General Committee and be elected at a General Meeting. An Honorary Life Member shall be a member of the Club for the remainder of his/her life.

Those who have been so honoured are as follows:

  • Steve Barry
  • Jamie Baulch
  • Kay Morley-Brown
  • Debbie Bull
  • Paul Darney
  • Delyth Davies
  • Lynn Davies
  • Michael Delaney
  • Alex Donald
  • Owen Edwards
  • Kathryn Elias
  • Matt Elias
  • Richard (Dic) Evans
  • Graham Finlayson
  • Derek Fishwick
  • Dennis Fowles
  • David Gotts
  • Paul Gray
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Roger Grindle
  • Mike Hawkes
  • Enfys Hawthorn
  • Bernard Hayward
  • Tracey Hinton
  • Susan Hooper
  • Alyson Hourihan
  • Helen James
  • Norman John
  • Jeffery Kirby
  • Stephen Knight
  • Peter Lane
  • John Lister
  • Mary Lister
  • Christian Malcolm
  • Christian Malcolm
  • Tom Meyer
  • Christine Parsons
  • John Penny
  • Bernard Plain
  • Sean Power
  • Jim Riley
  • Andrew Seary
  • Haydn Tawton
  • James Thie
  • Doug Turner
  • Nigel Walker
  • Graham Webb
  • Clive Williams
  • James Williams
  • Kevin Williams
  • Rhys Williams


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