Cardiff AAC offers coaching in the various disciplines of athletics.

Upon joining, young members join the Cardiff Athletics Academy which gives them a broad experience of different events, how to train properly and safely, warm-up & cool-down procedures and track etiquette. At the appropriate time Academy members will progress to a specialist training group under one of the club’s qualified coaches.

New members, especially younger ones, often join the club with an interest in a particular discipline (say, sprinting) but find that, in fact, they are talented in a quite different discipline. Budding sprinters often find that they are good at hurdling or long jumping, or vice versa. This is the benefit of joining a wider group at the outset and before settling on a particular speciality.

Members who join a club coach’s training group are expected to compete for the club when selected and enter relevant championships as the primary objective of the club is to provide coaching AND competition.

All the club’s coaches give up many hours of their personal time to help their group members. There is a limit to how many athletes an individual coach can manage effectively and, from time to time, a group becomes too large to accept any others. Reluctantly, therefore, it is sometimes unavoidable that a new member may have to wait before joining a coaching group. We do our best to advise the athlete in these circumstances.

Such members will, however, be able to use all the other facilities of the club including being eligible to compete for club teams.

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